Namaste Yoga Mat Spray



Namaste Yoga Mat Spray makes a great gift for yogis. The namaste spray is used to prevent odors and germs. Mat will be left clean with a purifying light scent.

Lightly scented.  A little goes a long way.  A must have to carry with you.

Shake well. Then spray on mat. Finally, follow by wiping down the mat with a wet cloth.

The mist is made with simple natural ingredients including witch hazel, essential oils and distilled water.

Namaste Yoga Mat Spray is a great gift for teachers, nurses, yogis, teachers, mediation friends.  Mindfulness gift makes a great stocking stuffer as well.  Add with other products and make a bundle.

Convenient travel size to carry with you.
All natural spray.

Ingredients include witch hazel, distilled water and the following pure essential oils:

Lavender- known to help relax and calm

Lemon helps kill bacteria and acts as a natural disinfectant

Siberian Fir helps you breathe better as well as ground you

Tea Tree- antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

Cilantro essential oil- supports immune system with a fresh, clean aroma

Lime- great for cleansing and purification

The combination supports your relaxation needs for yoga as well as your mat disinfecting needs.


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