Ultimate Spray Set



Ultimate Spray Set is every spray you will need and comes with 6 sprays for every day use. The set includes a mask spray, linen spray, palo santo and sage clearing spray, body spray, rose spray and sports bag deodorizer.


Mask spray is a uplifting scent to spray in your mask.  Great stocking stuffers or gift for teachers and nurses.

Palo Santo & White Sage Clearing Spray
Clear negative energy. Most importantly, this is a smokeless option to cleanse the area around. There are many uses for the spray.  For example, prior to meditation, when emotions are heavy and when you need to clear negative attachments.

Body Spray
First give it a good shake.  Then, lightly mist in room or body. Above all, left feeling refreshed, cheerful and smelling good.

Rose Spray
Rose water spray can be sprayed on your face or body. Roses have a high vibrating scent.  As a result, the mist leaves you feeling upbeat.  In addition, rose water is a face toner.  Mist on your face to raise vibration, set makeup and hydrate skin.  Light, floral scent to bring in love.

Linen Spray
Mist on clothes, linens, towels and soft furnishings. Provides refreshing scent in between washes.  Moreover, this spray can be spritzed on your pillow as well.  Ingredients: Orange, grapefruit, lime essential oils, witch hazel, distilled water, vodka. 2oz

Sports Bag Deodorizer
This deodorizer gets the funk out. Most importantly, no harmful fragrances or chemicals are included. Spray in gym bag and on equipment & gear in between uses. As a result, the blend purifies and cuts odors. Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils.

Ultimate Spray set makes a great gift whether given individually for add on gifts or stocking stuffer ideas.


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