Sweet Treat Bath Bombs



Sweet Treat Bath Bombs is a set to gift anyone on your self care list.  These all natural bath bombs comes in a set of 3. Included is 1 cupcake shaped bath bomb, 1 donut shaped bath bomb and a hot cocoa bath bomb.

Don’t let the these sweet treats trick you, these are for the bath tub not to eat.

Simply drop on in the bath water and watch it fizz and create a relaxing aroma.  The aromas are refreshing scents and won’t leave your tub stained.

The sweet treat bath bombs comes with the following:

Cupcake- tranquil water.  This is a fresh, crisp scent smells like ocean air.

Hot Chocolate- vanilla sandalwood is an earthy, rich exotic scent.

Donut- butter rum vanilla scent creamy scent of butter, sugar and light rum.

Other bath bombs listed include donut shaped, Halloween eyeball, witch cauldrons, cupcake shaped, harry potter, heart shaped, and the classic round bath bath. There is a variety of scents to choose from including citrus, sangria, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, rum butter, fresh scent, coconut and many more!

In addition, there are many sets of 2, 3, 4 and 9. Finally, many of our bundles include a bath bomb along with your other favorite self care products.


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