Shower Eucalyptus Mist



Shower Eucalyptus Mist is a steam shower aromatherapy that will create the effects of a spa steam session. Eucalyptus spray helps stimulate your senses.  Start your morning by clearing your mind and waking up or use at night after a stressful day to relax.

Eucalyptus essential oil works as a decongestant, relieves cold symptoms, stress reducer, assist with respiratory health, relieve sinuses and help rejuvenate and wake you up.
In addition, this minty essential oil scent will help relax & soothe body.  Inhale in and enjoy the all natural essential oil benefits.

The mist comes in a convenient travel size bottle.
Shake well before using. Spray in steam of shower for an uplifting eucalyptus aroma.  Start your morning like you just left the spa and ready to take on the day.  Add tranquility to your daily morning routine.

The shower eucalyptus mist makes a great gift and stocking stuffer.  Makes a good care package and get well gift as well.  Give individually or add with other products such as our all natural shower wash to create a bundle.  Everyone will enjoy this uplifting scent to start your morning and clear your head.  Moms, dads, teachers, nurses, kids, men, teenagers, co-workers.

All natural spray.


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