Self Love Pamper Set



Self Love Pamper Set includes a variety of products to pamper yourself. Included in the box is a salt bath, rose spray, tea blend, essential oil rollerball for sleep, aroma candle, rose quartz crystal and amethyst crystal.  In addition, the tea and crystals are from our partnering businesses.

Self Love Pamper Set contents include:

Serenity Salt Bath by Healing Christel:
Pour desired amount in bath. The blend reduces inflammation, pulls toxins and balances emotions. In addition, the soak provides relaxation of a spa while moisturizing and soothing your body. Further, the essential oil blend used is for releasing tension, relaxing and calming. Warm floral with woodsy undertones.

Rose Water Spray by Healing Christel:
Mist on your face to raise vibration, set makeup and hydrate skin. All-natural rose water. In addition to the mood boost, rose water is antibacterial which helps irritated or oily skin.

Good Night Beautiful Essential Oil Rollerball by Healing Christel:
Promote restful sleep and relaxation. Roll on chest or feet. Before applying, perform skin patch test to ensure no skin sensitivity.

Aromatherapy Candle by Healing Christel:
Use during bath, meditation or when you want to relax. Refreshing spa has fruity scents including peach & apple, cool herbs, lavender & sandalwood.

Loving You Tea by Nature’s Sorcery:
Herb blend with organic lemon balm, organic lavender, organic chamomile & organic passionflower to help relax and calm you. Great to take before bed

Rose Quartz Crystal by Let Them Shine Crystals:
Opens your heart to receive love. Boosts self-love, compassion and kindness to yourself and others. Carry in pocket. Add to bath.

Purple Amethyst Crystal by Let Them Shine Crystals:
Help calm nerves. Balance emotions. Cleanses auric field & raises vibration. Hold in hand when anxious or during meditation. Add to bath.

Believe in yourself journal included.


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