Bergamot & Geranium Salt Bath



The bergamot & geranium salt bath is 20 ounces. This salt baths are great to release stress, pain and sadness. Turn your bath into a spa day.
The bergamot & geranium salt bath essential oil scent is a floral, spicy aroma.  Salt baths benefits include:
Relax, destress
Calm irritated skin
Relieve achy muscles
Pulls toxins
Reduce inflammation
Balances emotions
The essential oils salt bath provides a relaxation of a spa while moisturizing and soothing your body.

Ingredients include: Epson Salt, coconut oil, essential oils, corn flower petals

Other salt baths listed include:
Citrus- with orange, lime and grapefruit essential oils to promote positivity and is a mood booster
Serenity Blend- a blend of essential oils to release tension and promote relaxation.
Peppermint & Eucalyptus blend helps with headaches, muscle aches and decongestion.
Jasmine helps lifts your spirit and clear your mind.
Lavender promotes relaxation and calmness.

In addition, gift set listings that include bath salt are:
Mother’s Day Set
Valentine gift set
Self Love Pamper set
Hang Over help set
Full Moon Ritual Sit
Self Care Spa Bundle
The salt baths make great self care gifts for teachers, nurses, birthdays, holidays, self care gifts, or add to other self care products as a set.


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