Pre Game Rollerball



Pre Game Rollerball works great when you need to settle your nerves before a game.  In addition, get an extra confidence boost confidence.  This roll on promotes focus, ease nerves & boost confidence.

Roll on bottom of feet, behind ears or on wrists prior to game or practice.
Pre Game Rollerball ingredients include fractionated coconut oil, orange, sandalwood, rosemary, frankincense.

Orange essential oi reduces anxiety and boosts your energy.

Sandalwood also helps ease anxiety and calms nerves.  In addition, the oil helps with alertness.

Rosemary helps pep you up and increases circulation.

Frankincense soothes stress and calms the mind.

The rollerball is 10ml.

Our Post Game Roll on is also available and is uses to rub on sore muscles.  Game day bundle includes both pre and post game rollerballs as well as sports bag deodorizer spray.

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