Palo Santo Clearing Spray



Palo Santo Clearing Spray is an energy smudge spray with many uses and benefits. Burning sage is not always possible. This is a liquid smudge option to cleanse the area around you. Remove negative energy and bring in the good vibes.

BENEFITS AND USES for Palo Santo Clearing Spray:
Spray in the room or around yourself to remove any bad vibes. I spray around myself and in the room prior to meditation. I will also use when my I’m feeling sad or unbalanced. This spray is can also be used when you are having a hard time clearing negative attachments. If you are not feeling your best, this product helps with chakra balancing as well. If you are an empath, like me, spray around you before leaving the house.

Palo Santo essential oil have a peaceful smell to ease stress and anxiety. White sage essential oil can be used to cleanse your room and clear your mind. The 2 oils smell woodsy and minty. The mix of these oils is the smoke free replacement to smudging, incense and sticks. The blend includes witch hazel which helps the scent last longer.

I have given this as a stocking stuffer. I added it with a self-care bundle for teachers.
Give to someone going thru a hard time like a break up. Give as a housewarming gift to remove old energy from the new house. Real estate agents can use to bring in good vibes before showing a house.

The spray is 2 ounces. It is small enough to travel with.


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