New Year Tarot Reading



This is a session for a new year tarot reading,  The reading will be 45 minutes long.  You may gift the session to someone else or keep it for yourself.  Once you check out, I will contact you to set up a zoom.

My readings are recording and emailed to you after our zoom call.  I use several different decks.  I use both tarot and oracle cards as well as other unique decks.  Using several sets helps clarity and validate.

With the new year tarot reading, we will take a peak as to what the cards are saying about your coming year.  There are 12 cards total,  We take a peak at your prior year in summary.  Next we will pull lessons learned, what to focus on and new year obstacles.  Then we will look at the outlook for family/friends, love and career.  Four cards will be pulled to summarize each quarter in the year.  Lastly, we will pull the new year overall summary.

Whether it’s your first time or not, this is a fun opportunity to see what the cards say and possibly look at things from another perspective.  You will love the new year tarot reading and the insights it brings!  Check out my blog where I share my new year cards and how they tracked to the year.


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