Mother’s Day Gift Set



Mother’s Day Gift Set for busy moms, nurses, teachers or anyone needing a self care basket for their own spa day.  Set includes a salt bath, a cocoa shaped bath bomb, uplift body spray, aromatherapy candle, journal and lip balm.

The Mother’s Day Gift Set comes with the following self care products:

Serenity Salt Bath
Pour desired amount in bath. The blend reduces inflammation, pulls toxins and balances emotions. In addition, the soak provides relaxation of a spa while moisturizing and soothing your body. The essential oil blend used is for releasing tension, relaxing and calming. Warm floral with woodsy undertones.

Uplift Spray
Shake and then lightly mist in room or body. Woodsy, mint aroma. Uplift blend helps to open you up, clear your head and assist with immunity. Peppermint essential oil helps relieve stress, headaches and digestive issues. Eucalyptus helps you breathe better and relieves cold symptoms. Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils will provide uplifting energy and boost your mood.

Cocoa Mug Shape Bath Bomb
Vanilla Sandalwood scent. All natural.

Aromatherapy Candle
Use during bath, meditation or when you want to relax. Helps calm the mind during meditation.

All-natural lip balm including Cotton Candy & Raspberry flavors.

Mini journal

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