Money Magnet Rollerball



Money Magnet Rollerball with essential oils, herbs and is crystal infused. Contains oils and crystals to open your energy to receiving, attract abundance, energy and creativity.  Mindfulness gift for those looking to attract money and abundance.
Simply roll on your wrists.
Includes money mantras.
Money Magnet Rollerball ingredients included in the rollerballs are patchouli, eucalyptus, tangerine, basil herbs, sage and Tiger’s Eye crystals.

The benefits of the essential oils, herbs and crystals include:
Patchouli attracts physical abundance.
Eucalyptus eases the scarcity mindset.
Tangerine boosts creativity, motivation and confidence.
Basil herbs are used to attract money.
Sage clears negative blocks.
Tiger’s eye crystals attract prosperity & abundance.

10ml glass bottle

Further, the money magnet rollerball makes great gifts.
For example, you can give as stocking stuffers! Mother’s day gift. Holiday Gift. Birthday gift. Mindfulness Gift. Teacher Gift. Gift for her. Gift for him.  Spiritual gift.  Law of attraction gift.

In addition, see also our listing for our money magnet bracelet & rollerball gift set that also includes a crystal bracelet with the rollerball.  The crystals in the bracelet are:

Aventurine crystals help embrace change.  Further, it helps release negative vibes.  As a result, growth opportunities come in.
Tiger’s Eye is the luck stone.  In addition, it helps with mental clarity.
Lava beads help ease stress & anxiety.  In addition, you can rub the rollerball over lava beads to infuse the oils and scent.


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