Meditation Mindfulness Set


Dreamer, unplugged, clearing spray, candle


Meditation Mindfulness Set is equipped to promote a calm state and enhance spiritual connection during meditation. Beginners & advanced will enjoy the benefits of the clearing spray, roll-ons and aroma candle.
Meditation Mindfulness Set includes the following:
Dreamer roll-on will promote deeper sleep and boost dreaming.  Mugwort, Chamomile Blue, lavender, Frankincense, fractionated coconut oil.
Unplugged roll-on will promote a calm state and enhance spiritual connection during meditation. The essential oil blend can be used during meditation or when you need to feel grounded and calm your mind. Frankincense helps reduce stress while cleansing your spirit. Sandalwood promotes peace and grounding. Lavender helps you achieve a relaxing state. Rosewood helps lift your spirit and bring in love and compassion. Roll on bottle of feet. Perform skin patch test to ensure no skin sensitivity.
Our palo santo & sage clearing spray will cleanse the air and room of heavy or negative energy.  Energy smudge spray with many uses and benefits. Burning sage is not always possible. This is a liquid smudge option to cleanse the area around you. Remove negative energy and bring in the good vibes.  Spray in the room or around yourself to remove any bad vibes. I spray around myself and in the room prior to meditation. Use when feeling sad or unbalanced. This spray is can also be used when you are having a hard time clearing negative attachments. If you are not feeling your best, this product helps with chakra balancing as well. If you are an empath spray around you before leaving the house.
Finally, a refreshing spa aromatherapy candle.  The candle has fruity scents including peach & apple, cool herbs, lavender & sandalwood and helps calm during meditation.


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