Mango Lip Balm



Mango Lip Balm is all-natural and moisturizing. No more fighting kids to put on lip balm with these fun scents. Long lasting to cure those dry, chapped lips. Smooth, with no oily feel.  Are you sensitive to scents? Try our unscented lip balm.  All the benefits your lips deserve without harmful ingredients.  10 natural lip balms to choose from.
The lip balm contains SBF to protect your lips from the sun.

Mango Lip Balm ingredients include coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, flavor oil

A variety of other lip balms with fun scents are listed also:

Cotton Candy- the kid’s favorite

Raspberry- the adult’s favorite




Mountain Berry





What’s your favorite kiss-able scent?

Don’t let the winter weather or the sunny day ruin your lips.

Everyone needs lip balm- in your car, purse, back pack, take to school, have at work, etc.  Fun gift ideas is to tape them to valentine’s and have kids hand out at school.  In addition, it’s a small gift you can add with other products or give as a stocking stuffer.  Kids and adults love these!  Gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids, gifts for co-workers, teachers, nurses.


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