Love Crystal Candle



Love Crystal Candle has infused crystals with a jasmine rose essential oil scent. All natural soy coconut wax with a cotton wick. The 3 crystals infused in the candle are rose quartz, amethyst and lapis. The candle is 11oz.

This intention candle can be used for several purposes including:
healing a broken heart
attract love
bring in more self love
radiates conditional love

Light love crystal candle during meditation or when you need to feel calmness and healing.  Other uses include, lighting candle while working, while relaxing in the bath tub or when company comes over.
Rose Quartz Crystal opens your heart to receive love. Boosts self-love, compassion and kindness to yourself and others.

Purple Amethyst Crystal helps calm nerves. Balance emotions. Cleanses auric field & raises vibration.

Lapis helps provide a deeper self love connection. The crystal brings in clarity, calming and peace.

Jasmine rose essential oil can bring in calmness.

Great gift for teachers, nurses, mindfulness gifts, spiritual gifts, self-love gifts, empowerment gifts, holiday gifts, valentines gift, housewarming gifts.

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