Full Moon Ritual Kit



Full Moon Ritual Kit helps to clear blocks and release what no longer serves your greater good. It is a time of cleansing and release negative feelings and energy.

Full moon ritual kit comes with intention candle, palo santo and sage cleansing spray, an essential oil rollerball to use while meditating and a salt bath.  In addition, 2 instruction cards for releasing as well as affirmations are included.

The clearing spray contains palo santo and sage for clearing your surroundings.  Energy smudge spray with many uses and benefits. Burning sage is not always possible. This is a liquid smudge option to cleanse the area around you. Remove negative energy and bring in the good vibes.  Spray in the room or around yourself to remove any bad vibes. I spray around myself and in the room prior to meditation. Also use when you are having a hard time clearing negative attachments.

The Salt Bath helps relieve stress and pull toxins from your body.

The aromatherapy candle helps relax your mind during your bath or meditation.

The Unplugged roller ball is a meditation blend applied before meditating for a more relaxed state.

Also included are examples of I Release statements to read during your ritual.


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