Dreamer Rollerball Blend



Dreamer Rollerball Blend helps promote a deeper sleep and boosts dreaming.

Need help remembering your dreams? This blend is what you need.  Simply roll on sole of feet or behind the ears.  Prior to applying, perform a skin patch test to ensure no skin sensitivities.

Tip: keep a pen and paper near your bedside. Write your dreams down first thing before leaving your memory.

The Dreamer Rollerball Blend ingredients include Mugwort, Chamomile Blue, Lavender, Frankincense and fractionated coconut oil.  The oil benefits include:

Mugwort has been known to improve sleep and have more vivid dreams.

Chamomile Blue helps promote healthy blood circulation which is needed for sleep.

Lavender promotes a calm, relaxed state.  In addition, it also can help reduce nightmares for those suffering from anxious dreams.

Lastly, Frankincense promotes rest and acts as a sleep aid.

The dream blend essential oil rollerball is 10ml.

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