Clear Negativity Box



The clear negativity box comes with products to get the funk out of you and your space. The box includes palo santo and sage cleansing spray, dessert rose crystal, smoky quartz crystal, decompress tea, uplift body spray and aromatherapy candle.  In addition, the tea and crystals are from our partnering businesses.

The clear negativity box includes:

Palo Santo & White Sage Clearing Spray by Healing Christel:
Clear negative energy. Bring in good vibes. Most importantly, it is a smokeless option therefore, you can use at work. Use prior to meditation, feeling unbalanced, and needing to clear negative attachments. To use, lightly spray in the room or on yourself.

Uplift Body Spray by Healing Christel:
First, give it a shake.  Then, lightly mist in room or body. Woodsy, mint aroma. Uplift blend helps to open you up, clear your head and assist with immunity. Peppermint essential oil helps relieve stress, headaches and digestive issues. Eucalyptus helps you breathe better and relieves cold symptoms. Most importantly, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils will provide uplifting energy and boost your mood.

Aromatherapy Candle by Healing Christel:
Use during bath, meditation or when you want to relax. Refreshing spa has fruity scents including peach & apple, cool herbs, lavender & sandalwood. In addition, it helps calm the mind during meditation

Decompress Tea by Nature’s Sorcery:
Herb blend with organic chamomile, organic lavender, organic passionflower & organic catnip. Detox and relax.

Smokey Quartz Crystal by Let Them Shine Crystals:
Carry in your pocket to protect you from negative energy. Further, keep in room to cleanse of negativity

Dessert Rose Crystal by Let Them Shine Crystals:
Use to clear space in every room, Store in room to raise vibration. Hold in hand to bring in peace


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