Citrus Hand Soap



Citrus hand soap smells great and is good for your skin. All natural with essential oils to clean and sooth your hands.
8.40z. bottle. Fights germs. Further, hands will be left soft, clean, moisturized and smelling good.

Grapefruit essential oil benefits include balancing moods and boosting energy. Orange essential oil benefits include reducing stress and help relieve skin conditions. Lime essential oil benefits include having antibacterial properties. In addition, it helps support a healthy immune system.

Place in the bathroom or kitchen counter. Further, place in work bathrooms or send with your college student. Do your skin a favor! Enjoy the perks essential oils provide for both your skin and immune system.

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Citrus Hand Soap is a blend of grapefruit, orange and lime. Help boost energy.  Reduce stress.  Relieve skin conditions.  Support immune system.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Hand Soap. This minty blend has 2 essential oils. Eucalyptus oil is a germ killer. In addition, it helps with head and respiratory issues. Peppermint essential oils benefits include killing bacteria as well as being cool and soothing.

Lavender Hand Soap. Lavender essential oil benefits include calming and relaxing aroma, helps reduce wrinkles. It contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


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