Chakra Meditation Oil Set


7 oils & cards


Chakra meditation oil set comes with a 7 rollerballs representing the chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown). Balance energy & emotions. Use as daily practice, when out of alignment and during meditation. Includes a chakra guide on where to apply the oils and the benefits.

Rollerball scents: Red (root) is patchouli & cypress. Orange (sacral) is ylang ylang. Yellow (solar plexus) is cypress, juniper & geranium. Green (heart) is jasmine & rosewood. Light blue (throat) is roman chamomile & lavender. Dark blue (third eye) is sandalwood & rosemary. Purple (crown) is frankincense & lime.

Root chakra helps with grounding. Sacral helps with passion. Solar plexus helps with confidence. Heart helps with self-love. Throat helps with communication. Third eye helps with intuition. Crown helps with open mind.

Rollerballs are 10ml.

The best time to use the chakra meditation oil is when you are out of alignment,  When the root chakra is out of alignment, you may feel sluggish, not manifesting, anxious and inability to move forward.  The sacral chakra is out of alignment when overly emotional, fearful or depressed.  Solar Plexus is not aligned when you have low self-esteem or indecisive.  Focus on the heart chakra when jealous, resentful or codependent.  Throat chakra is out of alignment when you have social anxiety, fear of speaking or stubborn.  The third-eye should be your focus if your lacking concentration, poor memory or feeling obsessive.  Finally, the crown chakra is out of aligned when confused, there’s blinders on or constant drama.

Candles in pictures not included. We do have a candle & oil set as well however.


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