Chakra Candle Oil & Bracelet



Chakra Candle Oil & Bracelet set is for spiritual lovers and those needing balance. This set comes with a 7 rollerballs, 7 candles, lavender oil and a chakra bracelet representing the chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown). Balance energy & emotions. Use as daily practice, when out of alignment and during meditation. Includes a chakra guide on where to apply the oils and the benefits.

Chakra Candle Oil & Bracelet set includes:

7 Candles with the following scents: Red (root) is patchouli. Orange (sacral) is ylang ylang. Yellow (solar plexus) is rosemary bergamot. Green (heart) is jasmine rose. Light blue (throat) is lavender. Dark blue (third eye) is sandalwood. Purple (crown) is myrrh.

Candles are 3.5oz jars and are all natural soy coconut wax & vegan.

Rollerball scents: Red (root) is patchouli & cypress. Orange (sacral) is ylang ylang. Yellow (solar plexus) is cypress, juniper & geranium. Green (heart) is jasmine & rosewood. Light blue (throat) is roman chamomile & lavender. Dark blue (third eye) is sandalwood & rosemary. Purple (crown) is frankincense & lime.

Rollerballs are 10ml.

Chakra bracelet has 7 colored beads that correspond with the 7 chakras. The remaining beads are lava beads that you can infuse with your own essential oil. The set comes with a lavender oil as well.


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