Aromatherapy Candle Set


5 candles & card

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Aromatherapy candle set comes with 5 candles.  Use during bath, meditation or when you want to relax.

The candle scents included in the aromatherapy candle set includes:

Refreshing spa has fruity scents including peach & apple, cool herbs, lavender & sandalwood and helps calm the mind as well as great for using during meditation.

Pomegranate is a sweet fruity scent to help relieve mental and emotional stress.

Vanilla is a rich strong scent known for its calming benefits.

Jasmine Rose blends these 2 flower scents into a romantic blend filling your senses with peace and love.

Lavender is a floral aroma and is good to use when stressed out and needing to relax.

Candles are 3.5oz jars and are all natural soy coconut wax & vegan.  No color or dye.

In addition to these jar candles, we also offer men and women travel tin candles.  We also offer larger 11oz intention candles with crystals inside them.

Crystal candles include:  love candle, abundance, motivation and protection.

The witty travel tin candle listings include:

Popping Corks- smells like a girl’s weekend
Basic Bitch- because not everyone can be a 10
Drunk Wives- the glue holding this shit show together
Boots & Bourbon- bourbon, mandarin and vanilla blend
Man Cave- smells like freedom
Adulting because the struggle is real
Fun Bobby- comes in blend of eucalyptus and lavender
Dad Bod- brought to you by tacos and beer


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