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Healing Christel- The Journey

By Christel So how exactly did I come to start my own business? I thought I would share the spiritual awakening with you all. It all began the start of the new year in 2018.  I was feeling in a sad place in my life where I was doing doing...

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Manifestation Practices

by: Christel Have you noticed good things happen when you have a positive mindset?  I participate in a 30-day Manifestation Challenge from time to time to put me in a higher vibration and positive mindset.  There are small things you...

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Astrology & Weight Loss

By JJ Flizanes, Host of Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast If you’re someone who knows astrology is important but you haven’t worked with it yet, or you feel like you beat yourself up all the time and you have shame about your personality or...

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Astrology & Life Purpose

By JJ Flizanes, Host of Spirit, Purpose and Energy Podcast What do each one of the signs mean? When you go have you chart done or have somebody read it for me, what does it all mean? I’m here to make astrology a little more user-friendly and...

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The Struggle Is Real

Guest Blogger: Jamie G WFH can be great, but also stressful. It took me a full 2-3 months to figure out the ergonomics of my home desk, plus having 2 littles to take care of while working = major stress held in my neck and shoulders. Since we...

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