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Welcome to Healing Christel!


Healing Christel brings together an unparalleled selection of the world’s finest natural products. Our products are hand-picked and tested: products must be created using the highest possible percentage of high-grade, ethically sourced natural ingredients; and they must be effective, high-energy, and guilt-free.

We insist on NO Parabens, NO SLS’s and NO animal testing.

What started off as a creative outlet, has turned into my passion. We offer over 100 products that include soaps, lotions, skin balms, sprays, and more… All geared toward rising your vibrational level to help you be your best “YOU”.

Beauty from the inside out!!

About Healing Christel!


My name is pronounced “Crystal,” but like my soap it is UNIQUE and therefore spelled different. 

I decided to start making soap and lotion in 2018 and created this site in 2019.  I work a full time Corporate job and this is my creative outlet.  I have been on a wonderful soul searching journey filled with self-love, reflection, and making time to express my creative side.

Passion informs everything we do; from meticulous selection of the right products to working with people who care as much about the environment as we do. I don’t believe in natural for natural’s sake, we make products that are super-effective,  wonderful to use, and good for the body and soul.
In addition to my passion of providing high vibrational, all natural self-care products, I am a gifted Tarot Card Reader – book your session with me today!

You’ll Love Our Ingredients!

We only use ingredients that are all natural, pure, and animal cruelty free. Some natural cosmetics contain carmine or silk which are both ingredients produced from insects. You will find a clear ingredient list alongside every product detailing its composition to enable you to make a clear and informed choice.

You’ll Love our Products

The natural products we stock, we’re passionate about.  The products we sell are  created with a responsible approach to the environment and planet we live on, while using the best ingredients nature has to offer.


What Our Clients Say

“When my muscles are sore or my body is feeling rundown, I like to soak in a hot tub. I’m always looking for different bath salts. I don’t need to look any further. Healing Christel’s Salt Bath not only smells great but it’s the first time bath salts have actually soothed my sore muscles. The tension that I was experiencing before my bath was minimal and did not exist the next day. “
”Part of my rituals has become using Healing Christel Clearing Spray when I am feeling icky and have had a bad moment or off day. Then I use the Rose Spray to increase my feelings of self love and compassion and raise my frequency.”
”When I need to ground myself and find my center, one of the first things I do is mist my space with Healing Christel clearing spray. The smell invokes a feeling of calm that immediately brings me peace!”
”Healing Christel’s Rose Spray changes my mood in a snap! I spray it everynight before meditation or anytime I need a quick pick me up.”
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