Full Moon in Aries

by Christel

Tonight’s moon is a Full Moon in Aries.  When the full moon is in Aries, it is a time when emotions are running high.  This is not the right time to be blunt.  The full moon in Aries is a fiery time.  All your hard work with come to fruition or fizzle out.  With that said, you will need to keep charging forward with your efforts or accept it’s time to move on.  Either way can be an emotional time in which you need to think before acting.  Tempers can fly during this intense time.

Full moons in general can be emotional rollercoasters.  There can be intense and moody energy.  It’s a time for releasing, letting go, and purging the things that no longer serve you.  The new moon is about intention setting whereas the full moon is about releasing.  The full moon energy heightens emotions.  Further, this energy can be positive or negative.  Reflection is a good practice during this time.  What is going good for you and what is not?   

One of the best things to do under a full moon to cleanse and release negative energy is our full moon ritual below. 

  • Start by soaking in a salt bath.  Water is one of the 4 elements, and we want to celebrate all 4.
  • Secondly, light a candle.  This represents our fire element.
  • After your bath, find a quiet place.  Bring your candle with you.  Cleanse your space with clearing spray.  This is our air element.
  • Choose a crystal such as smoky quartz or labradorite to hold in your hand.  This is our earth element.
  • If you are using our Full Moon Ritual Kit, roll the Unplugged rollerball on the bottle of your feet.
  • Write down what it is you want to release or use the I release statement provided in the kit.
  • Then say what you are releasing out loud.  I release…. I release….
  • Relax your mind and body.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in pulling in light energy.  Hold.  Breathe out any negative energy.  I picture a dark black smoke leaving my body.  Do this 3 times.
  • Reflect on what you are releasing and what you are replacing it with.  For example, “I release putting others before me and being too much of a people pleaser.  I replace this will loving myself and setting boundaries”.  Picture the energy of those things that no longer serve you leaving your body while the flow of positive comes in.  Continue for 5-10 minutes before opening your eyes.
  • Finally, if you are somewhere safe or appropriate, you can burn your paper with the list of things you released. 

Remember, if you are just going thru the motions to check the box, it is not genuine.  This is your self-care time.  In addition, you can meditate as little or long as you want.  Just be present and feeling the emotions.

We offer a full moon ritual kit that has everything you need.  Below is more information on the kit.

Full Moon Ritual Kit helps to clear blocks and release what no longer serves your greater good. It is a time of cleansing and release negative feelings and energy.

Full moon ritual kit comes with intention candle, palo santo and sage cleansing spray, an essential oil rollerball to use while meditating and a salt bath.  In addition, 2 instruction cards for releasing as well as affirmations are included.

The clearing spray contains palo santo and sage for clearing your surroundings.  Energy smudge spray with many uses and benefits. Burning sage is not always possible. This is a liquid smudge option to cleanse the area around you. Remove negative energy and bring in the good vibes.  Spray in the room or around yourself to remove any bad vibes. I spray around myself and in the room prior to meditation. Also use when you are having a hard time clearing negative attachments.

The Salt Bath helps relieve stress and pull toxins from your body.

The aromatherapy candle helps relax your mind during your bath or meditation.

The Unplugged roller ball is a meditation blend applied before meditating for a more relaxed state.

Also included are examples of I Release statements to read during your ritual.

Full Moon in Aries

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