New Year Tarot Spread

by Christel

Wow I can’t believe it’s October already.  What have you manifested this year?  I looked back on my New Year Tarot Spread 2021 card reading I did in January. Below are some of my observations:

First, for my first quarter, I pulled the Knight of Wands. This represents getting away and traveling, lots of energy, enthusiasm and creativity flowing.  Well, I would say this was spot on.  As part of the mastermind I am in, we all flew to Orlando for a long weekend. While there, we did business planning, decompressed and shared ideas.  I was home long enough to unpack and pack. Then, my family left the next day to travel to Wyoming for spring break.  This was our first time doing a “winter” vacation.  We saw 3 new states, skied and snowboarded for the 1st time, saw lots of wildlife and enjoyed the snowy cap mountains. 

For my second quarter, my card was the 3 of Cups. This represents celebrating, getting together with friends, happy occasion, forgetting about worries.  We did receive news during this period that I was going to be a great aunt! I definitely think that falls into the happy occasion category.  In addition, lots, I mean LOTS of lacrosse time with the boys.  This included traveling for games.  With all the practices and games, we had a great time hanging with the other parents.  Probably a little too much over indulging and celebrating during this time.

Lastly, the 3rd quarter was the Hermit which represents taking down time and disconnecting, search for answers and look within.  I don’t think it’s a real surprise after all that celebrating that the down time was coming and definitely welcomed!  Once those nightly practices/games were over I did not want to leave the house or have anything on my calendar.  I am working on things for the upcoming holiday season. In addition, I want to take time to get back into daily practices.  Oh and did I mention I am creating my own Oracle deck?!  Stay tuned for that announcement.

There you have my first 75% of the year.  I would love to hear what card guidance has come true in the readings we have done.  Who took advantage of the New Year Tarot Spread? Feel free to reach out and share. 

Enjoy the remaining months of 2021. Above all, go after those goals you committed to in January!

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