Monthly Archives: October 2021

Full Moon in Aries

by Christel Tonight’s moon is a Full Moon in Aries.  When the full moon is in Aries, it is a time when emotions are running high.  This is not the right time to be blunt.  The full moon in Aries is a fiery time.  All your hard...

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New Year Tarot Spread

by Christel Wow I can’t believe it’s October already.  What have you manifested this year?  I looked back on my New Year Tarot Spread 2021 card reading I did in January. Below are some of my observations: First, for my first quarter, I pulled the...

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New Moon in Libra

by: Christel Tonight’s moon is a New Moon in Libra.  When the new moon is in libra, it is a time to bring yourself back in balance and focus and reflect upon your goals.  It is a new start.  A good time for new contracts...

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