New Year Intentions

by Christel

I used to love making a new year’s resolution and then by February was so over it!  I think changing the word “resolution” to “intentions” or “goals” sound so much better.  Goals can change regularly and reevaluated and can be a 2-week goal, 2 month or whatever the case may be.  It doesn’t seem as set in stone as the word RESOLUTION.  I think if my new year’s resolution was to stop drinking soda this year, I would be getting a QT 32 ouncer on my way to drop the kids at school by day 3.  If I were to make it more reasonable like I am not going to drink a soda for a week then that seems more attainable and I can check it off the list and add my next more challenging goal.  Losing 30 pounds takes time, but if you do small goals, lose 5% body fat, lose 5 pounds and can visually see checking off those accomplishments on your board, you will stick to your mini goals and build momentum to keep going.

Writing intentions or goals down works best for me.  I am a visual type of girl.  I like spreadsheets, journals, tracking and seeing progress.  I might get real crazy and throw in some graphs this year!  Try it out- use colored paper- make it look like a vision board- hang it where you can see and read it every day.  This year on 12/31 I had my family join in the fun and we all wrote out 3 goals with sub bullets to add actions to meet those goals.  It was a great way to engage everyone, hold each other accountable AND when we all have a common goal, we can work at it together as a family.  For example, more exercise.  We can practice sports together outside or at the park.  More walks with the dog.  Go roller skating.  Bike rides.  It’s a win win- get family time in while getting exercise.

If you started 1/1 with no intentions or you continued your new year veg out/ drinking alcohol until the 3td (GUILTY!), that doesn’t mean well that’s it so much for this year.  Start those goals on the 4th, 11th, a Wednesday, whatever works for you.

Here’s a list of some ideas to start off your new year:

  • Sage your house.  Light some palo santo or sage and cleanse each room in your house.  I start at the back of the house and move toward the door, open the door and declare the negative energy to leave my house.  If you get sage that is too strong (like I have done) or want a smokeless option, use my Clearing Spray that has palo santo and white sage essential oils.  Click here to purchase. 
  • Have a new year tarot reading.  I pull cards at least weekly, sometimes daily.  If you want an overview of the year, I am offering a New Year 12 card reading.  The reading is approx. 45min-1hour.  The reading includes:
    • 2020 prior year summary
    • 2020 lessons learned
    • What to focus on in the new year
    • New year obstacles
    • Family/friend outlook
    • Love outlook
    • Career, finances and work outlook
    • Jan-Mar outlook
    • Apr-Jun outlook
    • Jul-Sept outlook
    • Oct-Dec outlook
    • 2021 New Year Summary
  • Clean and declutter- if you haven’t used it in a year, do you need it?  Don’t want to spend a weekend organizing?  Make it one of your goals.  Get rid of a trash bag of clothes, books, etc a month.  Donate to those in need.
  • Have a monthly pamper yourself day. 
    • Massage
    • Facial
    • Salt Bath
    • Nails
  • Add spiritual routine
    • Full moon ritual
    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness journaling
  • Budget and make it fun
    • Envelope method- put your fun money aside.  Have envelopes for bills, vacation, savings, etc
    • Discuss vacation or something you want or need for the house, determine the amount and how much you need to put aside every week to pay for it in full. 
    • Re-evaluate bills and where you can make cuts.  Quick cuts can be:
      • Cable
      • Cell phone
      • Car insurance
      • Gym memberships (unless you go regularly)
      • Eating out
  • Make time for your hobbies
    • Love to cook- try a new recipe more often
    • Switch up your exercise routine
    • Make a goal to read a book a month
    • Carve out time to work on that scrap book
  • Give back
    • Volunteer – put it on your calendar as well as all your routines to hold yourself accountable

Every day is a new day.  Want to have a lay low weekend and binge Yellowstone- cool!  Don’t beat yourself up or throw in the towel.  Start back where you left off.

I will do quarterly check ins to let you know how I am progressing with my goals- stay tuned.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, abundant new year!

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