How do you Self Care?

Guest Blogger: Veronica Turner, Owner Nature’s Sorcery

  First off, let me introduce myself. I’m Veronica, owner of Nature’s Sorcery. I value natural, organic, ancestral medicinal practices and listening to your body. I’m a 45 year old mom of a 21 year old & 17 year old. I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 22 years. I’ve been studying the food & pharmaceutical businesses on my own since my son was born. Growing up, I was taught to use herbs to handle any ailment that arose.
Self care, it’s been a big topic for a few years to take care of yourself mentally, physically & spiritually. Everyone has a different view of how to do it, right & wrong ways, etc. All kinds of experts have weighed in on the topic. How do you decipher which one to believe or follow? Let me ask you this… who is more of an expert on your body than you? So maybe you should decide what it is that helps you unwind, relax, & put yourself before everything & everyone else for a change.
I’ll tell you I’m no expert in the mind or the body. I have taken several classes on both subjects, however, & I know exactly what grounds me and puts me in a better mindset. In the following paragraphs, you’ll see what I do & maybe you can take from them to incorporate into your own wellbeing.
First of all if I’m having a challenging day & I am at my wits end & my emotions come out in a negative way, I remove myself from others & from that situation. I allow myself then to feel those emotions in ways that match what I’m feeling. I’ll lay down & cry, take a shower & cry, scream if I need to, or just breathe through it. Is this helpful for others? Maybe not, but in this moment I need this time alone to gather & ground myself. Words can come later.
If I didn’t take a shower to cry, I may just draw a bath with some great bath salts from Healing Christel, my favorite oil from Uma, light some candles, play some light music, & allow all the negative energy to be washed off of me. Instead of music sometimes I may play a meditation, some Abraham Hicks audio & just listen to the words to transform the mood.
There are some great tea blends that I’m working on putting on the website for relaxation & frayed nerves. I’ll make a cup & take my notebook out to write out exactly what I’m feeling and this helps tremendously! Sometimes the words on paper help you to see how really what may have happened wasn’t that big of a deal.
All of these are great ways to relax & unwind after a challenging day and are great for everyone. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing any of that. From time to time you just need some retail therapy, a nice stiff drink. And that’s ok too, as long as you’re not using these mechanisms to numb. So yes, sometimes I’ll pour myself a whiskey, order something online, and put some great music on. After a few of those things, then I can put my favorite dance beat on & have a little dance party! Or I may put in one of my favorite comedies to get a great laugh to jump out of that bad energy. Sometimes it’s not a comedy, sometimes it’s a movie that I know will pull that emotion out of me.
These are all fantastic modalities to use to care for yourself. Whatever it is that will help you feel better (without harming yourself or others) is actually the best way to get that self-care you need. At times, just spending time with those individuals that add to your life rather than take away from it is a valuable reminder that you just needed a little recognition and to be seen. Whatever way you decide to self-care, I sincerely hope you are happy & healthy. And if all else fails… take a nap 🙂


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