Healing Christel- The Journey

By Christel

So how exactly did I come to start my own business? I thought I would share the spiritual awakening with you all.

It all began the start of the new year in 2018.  I was feeling in a sad place in my life where I was doing doing doing for everyone and not paying attention to my own needs.  I have always been a giver and a people pleaser.  I enjoy taking care of my family and being there for my friends.  I didn’t realize people pleasing could be a negative thing.  I was moody, tired and my weight would go up and down.  I am married, have 2 boys, work full time and travel for my job.  Life was crazy.

I started listening to JJ Flizane’s podcast Spirit Purpose and Energy and loved the episodes.  I just missed her 1st event Releasing What Weighs You Down but did attend The Next Big Step that fall in 2018.  I soaked up every second like a sponge!  I love learning about the various mindfulness tools to help pivot and be in a more positive energy.  I loved being in a safe space with like-minded people.

More to come on that in a minute.

I left the retreat feeling excited!  I was thinking in addition to the daily practices I was going to put in place, I wanted to take a fun class for myself to do a hobby outside of going to sports games 3 times a week.  I signed up for a soap making class and loved it.  I made a few batches on my own soap and it became something fun I did while stuck indoors over the winter.  I then expanded and took a lotion making class.  Basically, anything I would use myself I was learning to make.  I made bath bombs for the kids, lip balms and it just kept growing.  It went from using them for myself to sharing with family and friends then going to craft fairs and finally starting my own website.

I love using the products, taking pictures of my them, giving samples for people to try.  My love language is words of affirmation, so I get so excited when someone say “oooh I Iove that”!

This is especially fun for me because I live in a household of boys, so this is my girly outlet.  In addition. I work a corporate job where I am in meetings and talking strategy and projects most my day, so this is my creative outlet to clear my mind.

Now let’s get back to how my journey started after the Next Big Step Retreat.

I am writing this in Oct 2020 and have avoided re-watching that recorded retreat until now.

Wow.  I want to hug that sad girl that was me then.  Talk about divine timing.  I really wanted to go to the event but had a work trip scheduled.  My work trip was canceled 2 weeks before The Next Big Step and I booked my ticket to go.  God and the universe was telling me you need to go to this.  You need this.  In our first group circle I shared some of who I was:

  • Always wanted to help everyone
  • Don’t feel good enough
  • I put on a happy face and joke with others but inside I was sad and hurting
  • Fears I share included rejection, shame, unloved. 

I love my family.  My family is so wonderful and supportive and there no matter what.  However, we grew up not showing our emotions.  Saying “I Love You”, giving hugs or showing vulnerability was not something my parents did.  I always worried if I did try to open up and talk about something upsetting me I would get blown off like it’s too uncomfortable to see you emotional so I had all this bottled up and I finally exploded.

By day 3 of the event in my interview I sounded like a new person- that excitement was back in my voice.  I was laughing and happy.  I realized I was really deep into a story I was telling myself.  I realized I have to take responsibility for my own happiness.  I felt great I was leaving the retreat with a plan.  I finally felt a weight lifted.  I felt hope.  I was proud of myself for taking that huge step.  I flew to California to be with people I never met and barely talked to!  I took a chance on myself and won.  I am thankful for finding JJ’s podcast.  I appreciate my husband supporting me in good times and bad.

That.  That right there is Healing Christel.  Everything I do to bring happiness in my life, everything I do to show myself love, pouring my creative energy into my business, it is all part of my healing journey.

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