Manifestation Practices

by: Christel

Have you noticed good things happen when you have a positive mindset?  I participate in a 30-day Manifestation Challenge from time to time to put me in a higher vibration and positive mindset.  There are small things you can do every day to keep up good vibes in order to let abundance come in.  I made a list of things I have done- think of it as 30 things to do over 30 days.  Try a few or all of them.  Include your favorite ones in a daily practice.  Why not spend 10 minutes at the start of your day to bring in good energy?  In making my list, I am proud that I have so many product variations that can be paired with these practices.  I have included some go to products as well.  I hope you enjoy my list as well as my personal examples:

1.      Music.  Listen to upbeat music to start you morning.  Dance.  Create your morning playlist.  I have been listening to music while I get ready in the morning for years.  I keep my XM radio in my bathroom.  I have also created a playlist for my drive to work or to plug in my ears while doing housework.  Although I am a country music lover, a lot of my dance, happy music is pop.  Here are some examples:

a.      Can’t Stop the Feeling.  Justin Timberlake

b.      I Love this Life.  Locash

c.      On Top of the World.  Imagine Dragons

d.      Good Vibrations.  Marky Mark 7 Funky Bunch

e.      Eye of the Tiger.  Survivor

f.       Fight Song.  Rachel Platten

g.      Rock of Ages.  Def Leppard

h.      Best Day of my Life.  American Authors

2.      Love yourself.  Write a list in your journal what you love about yourself.  Say these in the mirror.

3.      Relationships.  Write a list of the characteristics you like about your partner.  If you are single, write a list of what you would want in a future partner.  Visualize and think about how it would feel to have this or how you appreciate these characteristics in your partner.

4.      Ground yourself.  Walk barefoot in the sand or in the grass.  Get out in nature.  Use grounding essential oils.  Try my grounding skin balm here.

5.      Appreciation.  Write in your journal a list of appreciations.  Say out loud.  Have a friend call you with their appreciations and you do the same.

6.      Detox & De-stress.  Salt Baths are a great way to pull toxins, reduce inflammation and relieve stress.  I have a variety of scents to help your current state. Salt baths available here.  

7.      Clear Energy.  Sage & palo santo are popular to burn to cleanse your surroundings and clear negative energy.  Clearing sprays are a great smokeless option to use that contains both palo santo and sage essential oils. Clearing spray available here.

8.      Full Moon Ritual.  Perform a ritual during the full moon to release negative energy.  These rituals can consist of many practices.  The kit I have provides a clearing spray, meditation oil, salt bath, candle, I release statements and instruction card.  Check it out here.

9.      Journal.  Daily journaling that can include what you want to manifest, appreciations, lists, etc.

10.   Affirmations.  Say daily affirmations & mantras out loud or in front of the mirror.  Mantras can be around money, self-love, health, abundance.  Some examples are below:

a.      I am a money magnet

b.      Money always finds its way to me

c.      Money comes easily to me

d.      I am in control of my finances

e.      I am in alignment with the energy of abundance

f.       I am worthy of love from myself and others

g.      I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough

h.      I am learning every day and achieving goals

i.       My worth is not dictated by others

j.       I am exactly where I need to be at this moment

k.      I am healing deeply and completely

l.       I am beautiful inside and out

m.    I choose to focus on the thoughts that promote my happiness

11.   Self-Care.  Practicing self-care is great for your mind, body and soul.  Some examples of things you can do are:  salt bath, acupuncture, massage.  The daily spray I use to start my day is Rose spray made from rose water.  Found here.

12.   Exercise.  Endorphins make you happy!  Take a walk, go to the gym, walk your stairs.  Exercise keeps you healthy, clears your mind, relieves stress and boosts your mood.

13.   Meditation.  Meditate with music, guided or in silence.  Being in silence can bring answers, clarity and helps calm you.  New to meditating? Try essential oils or my starter meditation box found here.

14.   Hydrate.  Stay hydrated.  Do a water challenge.  Make sure you are drinking enough water every day.

15.   Cards.  Pull cards from a tarot, oracle or any other cards that you relate with.  This helps guide you and provides clarity on what you should work on.  Want a personal reading? click here.

16.   Money.  What would you do if you have an extra $100, $1,000, $10,000 a month?  Write it down.  Write a fun list of what you would do with the extra money.  Visualize and feel the feelings of having this money during your meditation.

17.   Inspiration.  Read an inspirational book or inspirational cards or quotes.  Be inspired by the words.

18.   Vision board.  Create a vision board.  Use this during your meditation.  Visualize what it would be like to be in that place, that picture, feel the feelings you would have, smell the scents from the pictures.  Get excited!  Close your eyes and be in that picture.  Visualize and feel the feelings for 5-10 minutes.

19.   Manifest.  What do you want?  Write a list.  Think and feel these 5-10 minutes a day with your eyes closed.

20.   Dreams.  Keep a dream journal.   Write down your dreams 1st thing when you wake up before you forget.  Analyze what the dream was trying to tell you.  Can’t remember dreams? Try this essential oil blend before going to bed found here.

21.   Yoga.  Yoga is great for balancing your mind and body. 

22.   Veg Day.  Take a day and do nothing!  Binge Netflix, watch movies, play board games, stay in your pjs.  Don’t burn out- take a day to re-charge.

23.   Scents.  The smell of pina colada immediately makes me think of my honeymoon in Jamaica.  Smells can uplift you, remember positive times and boost your mood.  Rose is one of the highest vibration scents.  Citrus boosts your mood.  Lavender has a calming effect.  You can use scents to uplift your mood by smelling, apply them on your skin, shower or bathe with the scents, burn candles or spray in the air or on you.  Our Rose Spray is a good daily spray to use.  Want a different scent?  Try body and room sprays here.

24.   Laugh.  Watch a funny movie.  Nothing calms a stressful day like a good comedy that you can just enjoy and laugh, no thinking involved.

25.   Hobby.  Take time for yourself and your hobby.  Don’t have a hobby?  Get one!  You know I started this business by taking time for myself and doing a soap making class.  It has now turned into a business and my passion.  Think of something you enjoy doing where you don’t realize how much time you have spent because you are enjoying it.  Hiking, crafts, painting, gardening, reading books, etc.

26.   Ho’oponopono.  This is a Hawaiian practice you can try.  Repeat phrases at least 10-15 times when feeling overwhelmed or before you go to bed.  The popular mantra is “I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you”.  This is a great practice when you need to forgive yourself or others.  This saying can be powerful with the incorporation of love, repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude.

27.   Astrology.  Look to the planets for understanding.  Don’t understand why someone reacts the way they do, try looking up their astrology to better understand.  Having knowledge of why you or someone else is the way they are helps you realize it’s not about you.  Don’t take things personally.  Don’t try and change anyone.  Knowledge is power.  There is so much more than just a Sun sign.  Get to know how all the signs affect you.  Sun is about the core you.  The moon is your emotions.  Mercury is communication.  Venus is love.  Mars is your instincts.  North (or true) Node is your life purpose.  Want to know more about what the elements of earth, fire, air and water mean or how the different planets affect you based on when you were born?  Check out this astrology course I took for all the information you need to know.

28.   Food.  We all know sugar makes you feel sluggish.  Clean up your diet, make healthy goals for yourself.  Start with small goals and continue to add on.

29.   Chakra clearing.  Feeling out of alignment with 1 or more of your chakras?  Try meditating and focusing on that area.  Use essential oils for particular chakras too.  The Root chakra is red.  This is the base of your spine.  When out of alignment with this chakra, you may feel sluggish, anxious, not manifesting.  The next is Sacral which is orange and below your naval.  If you are overly emotional, have fear, depressed or reproductive issues, this chakra could be out of alignment.  Solar Plexus is yellow and the center of the abdomen.  When out of alignment you may have low self-esteem, controlling and indecisive.  Heart is green and the center of your chest.  Feelings of jealousy, codependence and resent are examples of being out of alignment with this chakra.  The throat chakra is aqua and is the center of your throat.  When out of alignment, you may have fear of speaking, social anxiety, detached and stubborn.  The Third Eye is blue and between your eyebrows.  Poor memory, lacking concentration, obsessiveness are signs of being out of alignment.  Finally, the Crown chakra is purple and is the top of your head.  Being out of aligned with this chakra can cause confusion, drama, refusing to see the truth.  Chakra candles are available here. Chakra oils found here.

30.   Pay if Forward.  If you read something uplifting, send it to your friends.  Have a few extra $s, buy that coffee for the person behind you in the drive thru.  Take time to volunteer.  Help those in need.  Do something good for the environment.

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