The Struggle Is Real

Guest Blogger: Jamie G

WFH can be great, but also stressful. It took me a full 2-3 months to figure out the ergonomics of my home desk, plus having 2 littles to take care of while working = major stress held in my neck and shoulders.

Since we couldn’t book a massage, Anthony and I agreed to give each other neck and shoulder massages. We didn’t have any massage oil, and I had a few overly-potent feminine smelling lotions from a large retailer that he didn’t want soaking into his pours.

We ended up using The Struggle is Real from Healing Christel because  it smelled great and felt clean on our skin.

In this new normal we live in, there are new stresses and “The Struggle Is Real” for sure. Luckily, there is also a renewed emphasis on self-care, and Healing Christel’s fun, all-natural products gave us a creative way to take time out for ourselves and each other.

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