Bye, Bye Germs

Roller bottles are ready! I suggest Rockin’ Immunity blend to use daily especially with all the craziness going on with virus scares. Be healthy, be positive, be oiled up!

Also check out Unplugged which is a nice blend when meditating.

Good Night Beautiful blend to help sleep. (also check out Good morning beautiful skin balm as a wake me up).

Finally- I have Dreamer. I love dreaming especially when I remember them. What’s even cooler is when I dream of something that happens later that day or week or month. This blend will help you relax to get in that deep dream sleep. Tip: write down your dreams before you get out of bed. Keep a journal next to the bed. Once you start moving around and thinking of your day you will forget. Sometimes I write down and look back later and think whoa I don’t remember that dream, so it’s good to get it down right away.

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